How To Use MI Paste

If you’re someone who hates the sight of the dentist’s chair or someone who doesn’t like the invasiveness of the dental probe, perhaps MI paste is something you could consider.

How To Use MI Paste

Or you could have a high incidence of dental decay or discoloration and have some hesitation in having a dentist examine your teeth.

You might be wondering if you should enquire about the best MI paste with your dentist or if you should actively search through the many pastes that are on offer by yourself.

No need to worry. This guide will help you decide whether the paste is for you, what it is in the first palace, how to use it, and the benefits of using it.

What Is MI Paste? 

It’s a water-based, sugar-free cream that comes in the form of a tube, like your standard toothpaste. It can help rebuild, condition, and protect your teeth’s surface if used directly on the teeth.

Most MI paste products use calcium and phosphate to replenish the minerals in your teeth and strengthen them. 

The great thing about MI paste is that it is generally used and recommended by dentists. Most MI pastes contain a special milk-derived phosphopeptide that binds calcium and phosphate to tooth surfaces. 

If MI paste sounds too generic, then you’ll be glad to know that some brands come in a variety of flavors, including melon, strawberry, mint, and even vanilla, making it popular with adults and children alike.

How Does MI Paste Work?

In brief, the MI Paste boosts your saliva’s ability to neutralize acid and restore normal pH levels and contains the minerals that can bolster the natural tooth repairing process.

When your mouth’s pH is acidic, plaque can build up, and ultimately tooth decay happens. Your saliva, then, in part, is your oral defense system.

It protects teeth, flushes bacteria and food away from the teeth, and reduces the wearing or degradation of enamel. 

The buffering ability of the MI paste helps neutralize acids to restore normal pH levels. It can replenish the calcium, phosphate, and fluoride ions that are so important for remineralizing your teeth’s enamel.

Using regular fluoride toothpaste is a great place to start, but if you or your child have a sweet tooth and regularly consume soft drinks or beverages that have high acidic pH levels, then the MI paste can help to halt the process of the degradation of the enamel.  

What Are The Remedies Of MI Paste?

MI paste has a similar makeup in its products but has a variety of uses for those with simple to more complex needs or uses. Below are some uses that both dentists and patients have found to be successful

  • Reducing dry mouth caused by certain medications or treatments.
  • Reducing high oral acid levels from excessive soft-drink consumption.
  • Helping with tooth sensitivity before or after professional cleaning.
  • Buffering acids produced by oral bacteria and plaque.
  • Prevents white spot lesions that can occur during orthodontic treatment.

Do I Need To Use MI Paste?

You can use the traditional toothpaste, but if you have weaker teeth or use whitening products that alter the coloring of your teeth, then it could definitely improve your enamel makeup and help prevent any pain you might be experiencing in this area. 

The best way to decide if MI paste is necessary for you is to speak to your dentist, who usually has products at the clinic, where they can explain how they work and how to  

Get the best results from them. In some cases, after an orthodontic procedure, you may be offered to use the product so you can see the results without having to risk purchasing the product yourself.

How To Apply MI Paste

The following advice is best followed when used at home or after orthodontic treatment. Before you use any product, however, it may be best to discuss what products are available with your dentist.

They can make a recommendation based on an examination of your teeth to determine the extent of the damaged surface or whether you need the product at all.

  • After brushing with fluoride toothpaste as part of your cleaning routine, apply a generous layer of MI Paste on the surface of your teeth or around the areas where bands and brackets are attached to the teeth if you have a brace by using a cotton swab or finger. 
  •  Leave MI Paste undisturbed for 3 minutes for it to be most effective.
  •  Use your tongue to spread the remaining MI Paste throughout the mouth and hold for as long as possible (1-2 minutes), avoiding spitting or swallowing.
  •  If necessary, rinse gently. Alternatively, it is safe to swallow MI Paste.

How Long Does It Take For The MI Paste To Start Working?

Just like with your regular toothpaste, it’s advised you wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything because this gives the product enough time to release its active ingredients and benefit the teeth and mouth.

How To Use MI Paste (1)

Of course, if you want to fully see the benefits, using the paste twice a day alongside your toothpaste may be beneficial. This cleaning routine is highly recommended by dentists and will often recommend regardless of if you are using the MI paste or not. 

If you’re worried about your enamel or the overuse of a product like MI paste, then this isn’t a problem either. Because MI paste products have a low-level abrasive, they are safe to use daily and won’t be tough on delicate tooth surfaces.


We have shown the various benefits of using MI paste, and it is worth noting here that you don’t have to display any dental issues to use it.

MI paste can be a solution if you haven’t got the luxury of time and feel mouthwashes aren’t that effective for you.

You also want to ensure that you follow the instructions given by the product to ensure you’re not misusing it and you can get the best result for those new pearly whites.

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