How To Make Your Retainer Fit Again?

There are a few reasons why it is possible that your retainer may stop fitting you properly.

How To Make Your Retainer Fit Again?

If this happens, you should ensure that you visit your orthodontist to discuss this problem with them.

At this appointment, your orthodontist will either adjust your retainer or fit you with a new retainer to replace the one that doesn’t fit you anymore.

Reasons Your Retainer May Not Fit Anymore 

There are a few reasons why your retainer may not fit anymore. 

Distorted Retainer 

Your retainer may become misshapen or distorted over time. This is quite natural as you wear it every day and it is exposed to a lot of wear and tear.

If this happens, ensure you book an appointment with your orthodontist.

At the appointment, your orthodontist will either adjust your retainer to fit, or they will fit you with a new retainer if necessary. 

Teeth Have Moved 

Another reason that your retainer may no longer fit could be because your teeth have moved out of place.

This may be due to you not wearing your retainer often enough.

Irregular use of your retainer may result in your teeth moving out of the position that they have been moved into.

If this happens, ensure you book an appointment with your orthodontist.

You will either be fitted with a new retainer, or you may have to go through further treatment.

In order to avoid this from happening, ensure you are regularly wearing your retainer. 

If you find that your retainer doesn’t fit in your mouth anymore, it is important that you don’t force it in.

This could cause damage to your teeth. You should always consult an orthodontist in either of these cases. 

Can Your Orthodontist Adjust Your Retainer? 

How To Make Your Retainer Fit Again?

Depending on what type of retainer you have, your orthodontist may be able to adjust your retainer to make them fit comfortably again.

If you have a clear retainer, you cannot have them adjusted to fit again.

If these retainers lose their shape – often due to heat or being dropped, you will not be able to have them adjusted.

Instead, you will require a new set. If you have wired retainers, some orthodontists will simply adjust the wiring on the retainer slightly when it is needed.

How Can You Tell That Your Retainer Doesn’t Fit?

It is usually quite easy to tell if your retainer doesn’t fit properly anymore.

You should never try to force your retainer into your mouth. If the retainer doesn’t fit anymore, it may feel loose or too tight.

If this happens, it is important to book an appointment to get it checked over with your orthodontist.

Retainers can be affected by the heat as they can lose their shape.

If this happens, it is a good idea to take your retainer to the orthodontist so that they can get a new set made.

Ensure you keep your new set out of the heat to avoid this problem recurring with the new set.

Do I Put In My Retainer If It Won’t Fit Properly?

You should not force your retainer into your mouth. If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it as it could damage your teeth in the long run.

If you cannot get the retainer back in your mouth, you should book an appointment with your orthodontist to get the retainer adjusted or remade.

If you can get your retainer in without forcing it in too much then you can begin wearing it again.

This may make your teeth feel sore and sensitive for a few days but, before long, it should be back to normal and the retainer should fit well again.

Some retainers are too loose. This won’t damage your teeth in the way that a tight retainer will, but it will not be providing your teeth with the necessary care.

In this instance, a visit to the orthodontist is still necessary. 

Do I Have To Wear My Retainer? 

Wearing your retainer is an essential part of the care you receive from the orthodontist.

It is the final stage of the process and it works to keep your teeth in place after they have been moved.

Retainers will prevent your teeth from moving back into the position that they were in before the orthodontic treatment took place.

If you do not wear your retainers, it is very likely that your teeth will start to move back.

This will render the treatment that you have gone through useless over time as your teeth will be misaligned and your health will be negatively impacted.

It is common to see adults who have undergone orthodontic treatments in childhood having to get the treatment again as an adult as they failed to wear their retainers the first time around. 

It is very important to listen to your orthodontist and wear your retainer as you are told.

In order to ensure that you maintain the changes that you have achieved through your orthodontic care, retainers are extremely important.

If your orthodontist tells you to wear your retainer day and night – listen to them!

Orthodontic care is different for everyone, and while it may not seem fair that your friend only has to wear theirs at night, it is with your best interest in mind that your orthodontist is advising you in the way they are.

Final Thoughts 

While it can be frustrating when your retainer no longer fits, it is important to make sure you are not forcing the retainer in your mouth again.

Retainers can stop fitting for a couple of reasons and it can cause damage to your teeth if you force them into your mouth despite them not fitting properly.

Whether your retainers no longer fit due to irregular use or whether the retainers have misshapen, you should always book an appointment with your orthodontist and sort it out that way.

When you do this, your orthodontist will either adjust your current retainer, or give you a new set.

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