How To Hide Electric Toothbrush On Counter

Widely considered one of the best ways to maintain oral health, electric toothbrushes are game changers when it comes to removing plaque, cleaning food from those hard-to-reach places, and giving teeth a natural shine. 

How To Hide Electric Toothbrush On Counter

However, despite their effectiveness, they can become eyesores, especially when kept on the counter in your otherwise nice, white bathroom. 

Luckily there are several ways to disguise them, or at the very least make them look more pleasant alongside your bathroom decor. 

Electric Toothbrush: The Best Hiding Places

This ultimately depends on how much space you have, your decor style, and how creative you are prepared to get.

But if you put your mind to it, there are many attractive ways to disguise an electric toothbrush, even in the smallest bathrooms. 

Medicine Cabinet

The first port of call (if you have room) should be the medicine cabinet.

Most bathrooms have one, and they can be useful places for people to store toothpaste, creams, grooming implements and products, and as the name suggests, medicine.

Of course, depending on the size of the cabinet, a bulky electric toothbrush might not fit.

Also, if it is full of various pill bottles, lotions, and potions, then there might not be room in general, but if you can squeeze it in, then your counter will look much tidier. 

Vanity Box

If you have a sizable counter or surface in your bathroom, then you might want to have a small vanity box within which to store the toothbrush. 

While still cluttering your counter, this is much more for decoration and will look more appealing and put together than the toothbrush just sitting there. 

These can be picked up for relatively little money and come in all designs, styles, and colours, meaning you can pick the right one to match your bathroom. 

Wall Mount/Shelf

If there isn’t a sufficient place for you to store the toothbrush, or you don’t have enough room in the medicine cabinet, then why not give it its own specific location in the bathroom while making it feel in keeping with your decor at the same time? 

This can be done with a wooden wall-mounted shelf. There are countless designs made in different colours and materials, but good designs include the popular ‘empty picture frame’ style box shelves.

This also serves two purposes, as it gives the brush a home while protecting it from falling germs, debris, and bacteria. 

Display It

Modern trends have taken a somewhat old-fashioned approach to storing bathroom implements – perhaps best seen in modern barbershops, where their bottles, tools, and accessories are lined up on a nice shelf or in a tasteful housing/holder – giving the effect of a quaint, turn of the century barbershop. 

This might be a more masculine aesthetic, however, so those with different tastes might prefer a more clean look. 

Storage Tin

If you are going down a more rustic, distressed decor style, then you could use some form of tall, cylindrical metal tin to store your electric toothbrush inside. 

If big enough, this could contain the handle, the various brush heads, and even the toothpaste, and they would all be in one handy, tidy place that looks striking yet at home in the bathroom decor. 

These come in all kinds of patterns, colours, and styles, some looking rustic and worn and others looking more put together.

Alternatively, you don’t even have to have a metal one at all, and most home stores have tasteful, attractive storage containers for purposes such as this. 

What’s more, the lid would also stop debris and bathroom germs from reaching the toothbrush. 

Things To Remember

Whatever design or system you opt for, there are certain things that are important to remember. 

Germ Free

This is another important reason not to leave your toothbrush entirely exposed on a bathroom counter.

Especially if your sink is in the same room as your toilet, all manner of germs, aerosols, and particles can be released into the air, which could then contaminate your toothbrush. 

This includes urine particles, faeces particles, and any number of deodorants, colognes, and other cosmetic sprays that could land on your brush head.

And whilst most of these won’t cause you any harm, the thought can still be unpleasant, especially when you think about what can happen in a bathroom.

Avoiding Damage

From a purely practical sense, electric toothbrushes that are just left on the counter can be subject to damage and accidents. 

Due to the upright, often clumsy design of electric toothbrushes makes them susceptible to being knocked over, falling over due to slammed doors, or strong breezes from the window.

These toothbrushes are seldom cheap, so having a perfect storage area can avoid this money being wasted. 


Of course, one thing to bear in mind when choosing the right storage place or container is that it needs to be clean. This somewhat reiterates my first point, albeit from a different angle. 

Wherever or however you store the brush, you want it to be somewhere that is clean, free from contaminants, and where there aren’t build-ups of dust. 

All of these things can be unpleasant, and once again, whilst they might not cause you any serious harm, scrubbing your teeth with a dirty toothbrush would defeat the object of cleaning in the first place. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know to properly store your electric toothbrush in your bathroom. 

While aesthetics are important, the main concerns should be cleanliness and keeping the brushes and tools germ-free.

This is the best way to protect your teeth from bacteria and contaminants and ensure your teeth remain clean and fresh for years to come.

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