How Often Do You Change Invisalign Trays?

In modern times, many people use Invisalign as an effective, simple way to encourage their teeth to be straight and look perfect, without more invasive procedures like braces and permanent retainers.

How Often Do You Change Invisalign Trays?

But what are the benefits of Invisalign, and how often should they be replaced? 

Invisalign: The Facts

A groundbreaking innovation in discreet, tooth straightening technology, Invisalign was invented in 1997 by a student named Zia Chishti. 

Product Lines

After a rocky few years, due in part to an aggressive marketing campaign orchestrated by Chishti, the company adapted, streamlined the marketing budget, recouped its losses, and focused instead on furthering its product. 

In modern times, they offer a specifically catered system, with various Invisalign products designed to fix specific dental problems, including: 

  • Crowded teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gapped teeth
  • Open bite
  • Baby teeth & adult teeth
  • Mild misalignment

It was this constantly evolving expansion that has led to them becoming so prominent within modern private dental practices, and the reason why their name has become so synonymous with perfect smiles at affordable prices. 

Invisalign: The Process

Of course, there are specific processes involved that must be followed to ensure the best results for the patient. 

Personal Plans

Most dental practices will offer personal plans, and this will begin with a digital scan of your mouth, which will allow them to see what treatment you would benefit from the best. 

Once the treatment plan is agreed upon by both patient and the dentist, the images will be sent to specialized labs, where initial moulds will be made for the patient to try.

Once they are happy, the chosen mould will be sent off to the labs once more, where the finished product will be created. 

Invisalign: How To Wear

For maximum efficacy, dentists suggest that you should wear your Invisalign for around 20 hours a day to encourage the teeth to adjust to the device. 

The trays can be worn whilst sleeping and should only be removed when eating a meal or when they require cleaning.

Many people might feel uncomfortable sleeping in the product. However, they are perfectly safe and offer no threat of choking due to the tightly connected fit to your teeth. 

Invisalign: When To Change Trays

When it comes to how often your Invisalign trays should be replaced, most dentists agree that once every 1-2 weeks is sufficient.

Obviously, specific mouth conditions might require you to replace your tray more often, but the fact that you don’t eat in them should buy you extra time. 

With each new set, your teeth will begin to move more and more into alignment, and it is advised that a follow-up appointment with your dentist should be made every 4-6 weeks just to monitor the progress of the change.

If something isn’t right, then your dentist can correct the process and make changes as and when necessary. 

Invisalign: Top Tips For Cleanliness

Of course, proper oral hygiene is the basis for maintaining any dental implement. This is not only good for maintaining and extending the longevity of the equipment but is obviously great for the health of your teeth and gums. 

Try to brush your teeth after meals so that each time you reinsert your Invisalign, your mouth is clean and as free from bacteria as possible.

The best toothbrushes to use are electric ones, as they can get into the hard-to-reach places, and polish your teeth to a greater extent than the typical handheld brushes. 

Another great tip is flossing.

You have probably been told by your dentist that this is the most important thing to do, and whilst occasionally being a pain and often difficult to remember to do, it really is one of the best options at your disposal – especially when cleaning your teeth of food and grime that could lead to plaque, bacteria, and gum disease. 

However, there are other things you can do to make the process work for you. 

Maintain A Calendar

One of the best ways to remember when you started using your current tray, and indeed when you want to change it, is to mark them on a calendar.

This doesn’t need to be a paper calendar, we all have cellular phones that have built-in calendars, and with these, you can set yourself alarms and notifications that can be helpful to remind you. 

New Trays At Night

Okay, hear us out. When inserting a new tray, for the initial day or so of use, your teeth might feel sore, which means that the process is working and your teeth are being realigned. 

However, this can still be uncomfortable and painful, and so inserting the new tray at night can be a great way of getting the hard bit out of the way while you are sleeping. This will be less disruptive to your daily activities as well. 

Manage Your Diet

As you will need to remove your Invisalign when eating, snacking is not recommended, as this will interfere with the efficacy of the product. 

Stay Hydrated

Invisalign will naturally cause you to have a dry mouth by covering the roof of the mouth and catching the saliva. This means staying hydrated is important and can keep you feeling happy and comfortable during wearing. 

Carry A Retainer Case

This is a good way of ensuring that your Invisalign remains clean when you take it out for eating and is also more polite when eating out in a restaurant or with other people. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Invisalign and how often they should be changed. 

Invisalign can be a great way to adjust your teeth and give you back your perfect smile. Just remember to follow the instructions set out by your dentist and practice good oral hygiene for the best results. 

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