About Us

Andrew Kemp has over 20 years of experience in the dental industry and software development. He has combined both of these skills to create his first company, Isopharm Limited, which became one of the top learning platforms within the dental industry. With over 120,000 active users, he has been able to educate others in order to provide better dental care around the world. 

With his expertise and work in the field, Andrew has been able to help many dental care professionals succeed in treating their patients. He has gained essential experience in building a business from nothing, and his guidance pushed Isopharm Laboratories to become one of the UK’s leading UKAS accredited chemistry and microbiology testing facilities. 

Andrew has now moved onto a new venture in Smile Credentials. While Isopharm Limited is responsible for teaching dental professionals, Smile Credentials is moving in a new direction to help educate dental patients. He hopes that this website will give more people the reassurance and knowledge of dental procedures, which are still largely unknown by the public.